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I have always had a desire to help people. Years ago (before I was in health care) I was flying standby to Orlando. I got the last economy seat in the back of the plane. The woman next to me sat rigidly. She confessed that she was deathly afraid of flying.

The plane began to shake as we crossed into Florida. Suddenly we heard the pilot’s voice. “Sorry folks. We will need to divert to Tampa due to high shearing winds. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please buckle your seat belts. Flight attendants take your seats.”

I could see and hear the panic in her eyes and voice. The plane’s shaking got worse. She became more tense. Other passengers were beginning to be anxious – and vocal – as well.

I spoke to her and held her hand until touchdown. And then up the jet way to baggage claim.

Helping her calmed my fears as well. Sharing strengths to address problems is a great way to lead our lives and grow our business.

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“…proactive leadership, 5 star rating …”

“Your approach is ‘proactive leadership’ in the development and execution of a project. Your communication is timely and clear. If I were to give a star-rating for the overall management of this project, it would be 5-stars.”
Elizabeth Auppl

Workplace Human Relations, IACOHC, Owatonna, MN

“…an intuitive heart connection…”

“Pat has a gift for being able to process information from a variety of perspectives: business, scientific and education, while maintaining an intuitive heart connection with people.”
Mary Berg

NWHSU Clinical Education, Burnsville, MN

“…exceptional listening skills …”

“Pat has exceptional listening skills and provides solid, actionable feedback. Her words and actions come from a focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This helps others to align their focus on healthy attitudes and actions.”

Nancy Hanks

Pennedin Project Manager, Buffalo, MN

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