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 Patricia Casello-Maddox, MBA, DC, LAc



Hello, I am Pat Casello-Maddox and I live in Minneapolis.

I am a health, wellness and personal development copywriter and content specialist. My passion is helping you build your  business and brand by providing SEO and target-audience focused copy and content.

I have many years of experience as a health care provider, educator and writing entrepreneur.   My mission is to support health and wellness businesses in connecting great products and services to current and future customers.

As a certified SmartBlogger Content Marketing writer, SEO Content Strategist, and an AWAI Copywriter and Case Study Specialist, I can provide SEO-focused, engaging copy and content to reach your audience. I specialize in emails, lead generation, blogs, website articles, newsletters, ultimate guides, case studies and sales letter funnels.

What Sets Me Apart?

I have worked in private clinics, hospitals, transitional care and outreach facilities. They provided me with a rich background of both diverse patient and health care concerns. These experiences gave me a broad knowledge of traditional and alternative therapies, nutrition, supplementation, exercises and lifestyle consultation.


As a clinician, I specialized in combining patient stories with comprehensive and successful treatments. These skills translate to my copy and content creation to reach your audience with engaging, persuasive copy.

Over fifteen years as an online educator and project manager make me easy to work with remotely and comfortable with communicating with and using technology.

My project management experience and process allow me to help you develop your project scope, to research material and topics you provide or request, and to offer regular status updates through review and approval of a final project.

We share several things in common:

1. A desire to grow, maximize and differentiate our business
2. A belief that the search for successful solutions never ends
3. A passion for providing quality health care products and services


Alternative Solutions For Success

I know what it is like to toss and  turn at night. Usually when trying to resolve some persistent problem.

But solutions are funny things. They may be a single idea or a combination.

They can come to me while sitting quietly. Walking in nature. Or jerking me awake. (I keep a pen and paper in my nightstand drawer for these special moments. I jot them down. Go back to sleep. And act on them the next day when I am fresh.)

A few years ago, I had a patient who wanted to get pregnant. Her doctors assured her she was fine – she just needed to work less.  She cut her hours back. But more months went by without success for the young couple.

I would see her name on my clinic schedule and review her chart. “Is there something we have overlooked? What have we missed?”

One night I bolted upright out of a dead sleep with one thought in my head. Ask her husband to come in.

We discovered her husband had undiagnosed diabetes. This disease can change the number, movement and the shape of the sperm cell. These changes mean it is less likely for sperm to reach the egg and to fertilize it. Because of his age and general health, this had been overlooked. 

At last! We were able to identify the right combination of health issues. We had a happy ending to this baby story. And I started sleeping soundly through the night again.

Similarly, increasing revenues and engaging your target market often requires thoughtful review, testing and refinement of copy and content for a successful outcome.  


Every Challenge is an Opportunity to Dig Deeper for Success

“I can’t eat anything without being in pain. Even water makes my mouth feel on fire. I can’t sleep. And I am afraid I will lose my job.”

My suffering patient had burning mouth syndrome. Her tongue, cheeks and the roof of her mouth were deep red and swollen.

She had tried other treatments for 18 months. Nothing helped. And her quality of life was decreasing more every day.

I wanted so desperately to help her. We tried acupuncture. It helped a little… But not as much as I hoped it would.

I scoured the research. Then I read a small article in the British Dental Journal of Medicine. They were able to change the diameter and shape of the blood vessels in the mouth – with special acupuncture procedures. The effect was reduced heat and pain.

We tried 6 weeks of treatments. Her pain reduced by 95% and she began eating normally again.

I am never sure who is happier when we can help someone like this.  It is a beautiful feeling.

Thoughtful and focused research allows us to create your copy, content, and project launches for successful outcomes and ongoing success.
























































































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I love to hear from our customers!

Whether you have a question or need assistance, you may contact us anytime…

How can I help you?

You can reach me at: contactus@healthrightcopy.com.

We love to hear from our customers!

Whether you have a question or need assistance, you may contact me anytime…

How can I help you?

You can reach me at: contactus@healthrightcopy.com.

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