How to Relieve Lower Back Pain: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Getting up, you feel a stabbing pain in your lower back. You stop, afraid to move. You barely dare to breathe. You try to walk, but every step makes the pain worse. You aren’t sure you can make it across the room, let alone reach your phone for help.  Worse yet,...

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7 Sound Sleep Solutions for the Bedroom

Restless nights? Days of little to no sleep? It’s never fun. But there is hope. Let’s look at 7 ways we can improve our sleep. In the bedroom. Starting today. Good sleep promotes health. Sleep hygiene is behaviors you can adopt to get better sleep. Here are 7 ways to...

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What is Sleep?

What is Sleep? What is sleep? Sleep is a natural, regularly recurring condition of rest for the body and mind. It is observed in humans and many animals. It is different from quiet wakefulness because it has a decreased ability to react to stimuli in the environment....

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