What Others Say About Dr. Pat

” …a joy to work with… a heart that wants to help…”

“Dr. Pat was truly a joy to work with on the case study article. I can tell that she has a heart that wants to help people in any way she can. Thanks Dr. Pat.”

Dr. Chad Koterba

DC, Ultimate Health Chiropractic

“…an intuitive heart connection…”

“Pat has a gift for being able to process information from a variety of perspectives: business, scientific and education, while maintaining an intuitive heart connection with people.”

Mary Berg

NWHSU Clinical Education, Burnsville, MN

“…exceptional listening skills …”

“Pat has exceptional listening skills and provides solid, actionable feedback. Her words and actions come from a focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This helps others to align their focus on healthy attitudes and actions.”

Nancy Hanks

Pennedin Project Manager, Buffalo, MN

“…proactive leadership, 5 star rating …”

“Your approach is ‘proactive leadership’ in the development and execution of a project. Your communication is timely and clear. If I were to give a star-rating for the overall management of this project, it would be 5-stars.”

Elizabeth Auppl

Workplace Human Relations, IACOHC, Owatonna, MN

“…researches, steps into customer’s shoes …”

“Pat researches her customer and steps into their shoes.”

AWAI, Nick Usborne

Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Heath Robson, TX

“…clear, benefit focused and motivating copy…”

“Clear, conversational writing. Simple, benefit focused and motivating.”

AWAI, Steve Slaunwhite

Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Charlotte Hicks, Wilmington, NC

“…outstanding problem solver, does not stop at the first barrier…”

“Pat is an inclusive team player who utilizes individual and team strengths. She is an outstanding problem solver … and does not stop at the first barrier.”

Dr. Deb Bushway

NWHSU, Bloomington, MN

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